Obama Has Passed Record Number Of Midnight Regulations Since Election Day

Obama Has Passed Record Number Of Midnight Regulations Since Election Day

Here’s my question – if these regulations are so important and necessary, why does Obama have to be so secretive about it? Wasn’t he supposed to be the “Most Transparent President EVER”?

I think we all know the answer to that by now.

According to this, Obama has passed more than 145 “midnight regulations” from November 8 to December 31 (which is what they have records for), which is more than any other “lame duck” president has done in recent history –

President Obama has issued 145 “midnight” regulations with a cost of more than $21 billion since the election of Donald Trump, the most by a lame-duck president in a generation, a study has found.
The conservative American Action Forum said Thursday that Mr. Obama’s rules, issued from Nov. 8 through Dec. 31, include 31 “economically significant” regulations with a cost of at least $100 million each.
“The administration has published more than 21 million hours of final federal paperwork requirements since November 8,” said Sam Batkins, AAF’s director of regulatory policy. “At the current pace, the Obama administration is going to be the most active ‘midnight’ (period from Election Day to Inauguration Day) regulator in more than a generation.”

The good news is that Congress is working to pass a bill that would make it easier for them to repeal these regulations, meaning that all this “work” Obama’s doing can be undone within the first 100 days of Donald Trump taking office. So, really, all Obama’s doing is being a petulant child and throwing his little temper tantrum all the way out the door until January 20th.

I’d almost rather he’d pull a Clinton and trash the place and steal the “T’s” off the White House computer keyboards as he left. At least that didn’t cost us upwards of $20 billion.

Democrats are such babies.


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