Deranged Feminists Actually Think Knitting ‘P*ssyhats’ Are Going To Scare Donald Trump. Or Something.

Do you love to knit? Are you not planning on going to work on January 21, 2017? (Or, indeed, ever?) Are you a militant feminist who thinks a bunch of bra-less freaks wearing knitted hats while marching on Washington, DC the day after Donald Trump takes office is going to do anything to keep Trump from being president?

CONGRATULATIONS! Have I got the complete waste of time for you!

Introducing, the “Pussyhat Project.” What happens is that militant feminists from across the country put their “deranged cat lady” knitting skills to use by knitting hats that look like cat ears and either going to DC on the 21st, or sending the hats to DC for other deranged feminists to wear while they march in the city.

The idea (I guess) is that a horde of angry feminists who don’t have any clue what they’re actually angry about is going to frighten President Trump and the Republicans into doing what the feminists want.

This is what is known to the Cult of Social Justice as “AWARENESS.” Just FYI. And it never actually does anything – just makes these idiots look dumber than they already do –

The Women’s March on Washington D.C. is happening January 21, 2017! The Pussyhat Project launched Thanksgiving weekend! As of now, we have 30 days to knit, crochet, and sew 1.17 million pink pussyhats. Join the movement!

Please check out The PDF to get the whole picture of what we’re about.  We’ll be updating this website with more content SOON.

Here’s more info from the PDF –


So, the gossipy women’s knitting circle has gone from mobilizing women to demand the vote and equal rights, to mobilizing women to demand government-funded abortion and birth control. Oh yes, our pioneer foremothers must be BEAMING with joy when they see what our generation is accomplishing.

(If any of my great-great-great-grandmothers are reading this from heaven, I’m just as disgusted by this as you all are.)

They even have ARTWORK, you guys! (Oh boy, I’m shaking now) –


I’m sure that took some precious Tumblr snowflake ALL WEEKEND to design.

What’s more, the knitters can send notes with their hats to proclaim the women’s issue that they care most strongly about. Which is about as helpful as writing it on a piece of toilet paper –


That thing looks like a letter to Santa assignment I did in third grade. Which is the perfect comparison.

I’ll humor these harpies for a moment. Wanna know what my favorite “women’s issue” is? I want the government to take less of my hard-earned money in taxes so I can use it for things I want to spend the money on – saving for a home, paying off debt, making car payments, buying groceries, buying new clothes. Or even saving up for a fun vacation. My money, my rules.

Another “women’s issue” I care deeply about is in a similar vein – stop over-regulation of businesses, both small business that many women own, and larger corporations where women not only work, but are also in charge. Government regulation burdens businesses that provide jobs to both men and women, makes it impossible for employers to hire new workers, and stifle growth.

While we’re at it – Obamacare. Good grief, how big of a trainwreck does Obamacare have to be before the left understands that this is the most undue burden on American women?The left says they want women to have access to healthcare – the insane increase on prices and premiums discourages everyone from going to the doctor, even when they need to! (Example #1 here) You want to limit access to healthcare (or anything at all, for that matter)? Make it more expensive than their mortgage payment. And Obamacare has accomplished that with aplomb.

I could go on, but you get the point. “Women’s issues” is the biggest load of crock in our political discourse. There is no such thing as “women’s issues,” at least not when it comes to things that government can or should do anything about. There are “American issues.” Issues that matter to everyone.

Though none of those are going to be solved with pointless hat knitting and all this stupid virtue-signaling nonsense.

Though I will say this – if these feminist weirdos think that all it takes for them to feel empowered is to knit a hat and send it to a complete stranger with a scoldy note attached to it, maybe we shouldn’t be discouraging it. Just get them to send the hats to people who really need them (like homeless shelters or other such charities). Spend their time and talent on something that’s actually worthwhile, and not just makes the rest of us laugh and roll our eyes at them.


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