‘Manterrupting’ Is Now A Thing

‘Manterrupting’ Is Now A Thing

So, we’ve got “mansplaining” and “manspreading,” now there’s “manterrupting.” Gee, I wonder what other words can feminists slap “man” in the front of and sound like a bunch of screechy pompous whiners?

Manwalking? Manspeaking? Maneating… oh wait, feminists are probably okay with that one.

Fortune magazine decided that they absolutely needed to patronize men by telling them that anytime they interrupt women in the workplace, they’re actually “manterrupting” them, which is worse than regular interrupting. The difference is that men talking to women is Never Okay And Not Allowed Ever and how DARE you have the cajones to assume that your ideas are equal to hers! To say nothing of the concept that you might have a better idea than she does (which never, ever, ever, EVER happens!)

There is so much stupid here that it’s difficult to know where to begin. Like the “fact” that women are more likely to be interrupted in work meetings, even by other women. But it’s men’s jobs to make sure that doesn’t happen. See, women are actually fragile snowflakes that need white knights to lower expectations for them in society. Because, patriarchy or something –

Have you noticed that women are more likely to be interrupted in a meeting (even by other women) than men? Or that there’s an assumption that women will take notes, plan, and follow up—even when among colleagues at the same professional level? By understanding your female colleagues’ experiences better, it will be much easier to recognize and correct gender bias as it occurs.

See – never assume that a woman is going to be able to be as thorough as anyone else by taking notes or following-up. You have to coddle them throughout every step of the project. But don’t suggest that’s what you’re doing, otherwise you get the militant feminist Hounds of Hell sicced on you.

And feminists wonder why we don’t take them seriously.

Oh, and there’s always that mythical “privilege” that’s hanging over workplaces across the country. You can’t see it, but it’s there. Like some sinister version of the Grim Reaper that doesn’t actually kill anyone, but shuts down –

Are you genuinely listening to the issues, concerns, and workplace issues of your female employees? I encourage senior male leaders to take a female coworker to coffee and ask her about the experience she’s having at work. Chances are, she’s not going to tell you initially because most women don’t want to be the flag bearer for all issues related to the status of women in the workplace. You’ll need to form close relationships with your female colleagues if you want to get to a point where they can talk to you openly about their difficulties in the workplace.
Through these discussions, you’ll find out that men and women are having significantly different professional experiences. One in two women (versus roughly one in four men) believe gender bias is alive in organizations today. While the workplace has evolved from Mad Men’s 1960s depiction, gender bias exists today in much more subtle terms and actions.

Hm. All I see is feminism making excuses for women who were hired just to fill a diversity quota and really don’t have anything of value to offer their companies. If these women really were these valuable assets to the companies they work for, why would they need some beta male doofus at Fortune to come up with a new anti-man buzzword for feminism to get a hyped-up over?

Feminists need to stop. Like, yesterday.


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