Milo Yiannopolous Signs A Book Deal, The Left Tries To Silence Him, He Soars To Top Sellers Rankings On Amazon

Milo Yiannopolous Signs A Book Deal, The Left Tries To Silence Him, He Soars To Top Sellers Rankings On Amazon

I keep telling all the idiots who think censorship is the best way to shut down their opponents and they never, ever, ever, EVER listen.

You may have heard that Milo Yiannopolous scored a $250,000 book deal with Simon and Schuster. The book, Dangerous, is due out in March 2017. This shouldn’t be a big deal – lots of commentators of all political stripes write books and get published (they published Hillary Clinton’s books, just FYI).

But to hear it from the perpetually aggrieved leftists, you’d have thought some hellish combination of Satan and Hitler had been given license to replace the Bible (well… whatever the left reads instead of the Bible, anyway). The left didn’t just freak out on Milo, they freaked out on Simon and Schuster, which is part of one of the biggest publishing imprints in the industry –

Oh please. SJW snowflakes live in fear that someone will unexpectedly pop bubble wrap in their presence.

Even the Chicago Review of Books proclaimed that they weren’t going to review ANY of S&S’s reviews in their journal in 2017 –

And Big Publishing wonders why so many fantastic authors are going indie lately.

To borrow a phrase from Milo’s native Britian – Gone ’round the twist a bit, haven’t they?

So, what did all this calling for boycotts and raging against Milo and his publisher accomplish? Within the first twelve hours of the book announcement, it was sitting at the Top 5 bestsellers on Amazon –


This is Top 5 of ALL books on Amazon. Not just one genre category (at one point, Mr. CJ said Milo’s book was at the top of the Politics and Censorship category, which is as ironic as the day is long). Keep in mind, these are all just PRE-ORDERS. Like I said, the book isn’t out until March. And the hardcover costs $26, so it’s not like people are spending the spare change they found in their couch cushions on this.

And this morning, Milo is sitting at #2, only behind Carrie Fisher’s memoir (who, you might have heard, died earlier this week) –


Good job, Social Justice Cultists. You sure showed Milo. Look at him, crying into his huge pile of money and free publicity that y’all are giving him.

It’s almost like when the censors and anti-free-speech mobs come crawling out of their hidey holes, people get curious what the fuss is all about and decide they want to read what is being censored.

What’s even dumber is that the people who hate Milo won’t shut up about him. He was trending #1 on Twitter at one point, before Twitter took it down behind-the-scenes. He’s still trending on Facebook. Start a search for “Milo Yiannopoulos” and the Facebook search suggests that you search “Milo Yiannopoulos Book Deal.” Because that’s what people are talking about! Whether positively or negatively, it really doesn’t matter.

Basically, this social justice freakout is providing all kinds of free marketing for Milo’s book, and the dang thing hasn’t even been in the public conscience for a DAY.

Someday, the left will figure out that censorship and boycotts don’t actually work. But it is not this day. And I will laugh right along with Milo (just as I hit “Pre-Order” on my Kindle.)


UPDATE: As of 3:30 Eastern Time on Friday, Milo’s book hit #1 of ALL Amazon booksales –


I can hear the leftist tears from here.


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