Does Sarah Silverman Really Want To Go Up Against Christina Hoff Sommers?

In case you haven’t heard, Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos landed a book deal. The left can’t handle it. They’re calling for boycotts and trying to silence him.

They do know he’s an openly-gay Jewish Roman Catholic, right?

Anyway, Sarah Silverman jumped aboard the outrage train. Feminists are naturally attracted to anything that makes them feel like a victim, so this was expected.

Cue Christina Hoff Sommers. The woman EVERY modern day feminist should fear.

Sommers didn’t say anything offensive or mean. She simply called out Silverman for being a hypocritical hag. (My words, not hers. I’m a lot less classy about it.) But Silverman felt compelled to respond. It’s almost like she’s asking for a verbal smackdown.

I love how modern day feminists think they can get away with being b*tchy by putting a heart emoji after making a b*tchy statement. If you want to be a b*tch, own it. Just being real here.

Anyway, I hope this conversation continues, because I’d LOVE to see Sommers take Silverman down. How epic would that be?


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