Tucker Carlson: So… Dems Don’t Want Voters To Have Information About Candidates?

Tucker Carlson: So… Dems Don’t Want Voters To Have Information About Candidates?

Sure looks like it to me, Tucker. And not just in 2016 – Democrats have been doing this for DECADES. The less voters know, the better.

Tucker Carlson was on Fox and Friends this morning and they discussed the big OMG BOMBSHELL (but not really) that the CIA found out that Russia probably influenced the election. The Democrats are freaking out, like this is the end of the world (funny how they didn’t care so much about Russian hackers when Hillary’s email server was brought up. Selective hearing, much?)

The whole Russia thing is troubling. No doubt about that. But the Democrats are going about this the wrong way. They’re making it about Donald Trump’s connections to Russia (which have been proven not to exist), not about “Hm… what’s Russia doing hacking into the DNC?”

The Democrats’ priorities are totally bonkers.

Tucker made a pretty on-the-nose assessment of the Democrats’ meltdown over Russia, which only proves how little the Dems think of regular Americans –

So… Democrats like dumber voters. Yep. We kind of knew that. Why else do you think the left constantly gets the likes of Beyonce and Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry to speak for them? Low-info voters are the left’s bread and butter. It’s when voters start to think for themselves and learn what the Democrats are really all about that the Dems start to have issues.

Like Tucker, I’m not defending hacking. It is definitely a troubling that countries like Russia and China could get their hands on sensitive information regarding our national security I’m certain those guys positively salivated over Hillary’s secret server stashed in her bathroom (but we’re not supposed to talk about that, right Dems?)

But let’s think about this for a minute: Hillary Clinton was all for putting a No-Fly Zone over Syria, which would have severely impacted Russian operations in that area of the world. In fact, Russia would have seen that as an act of aggression and we almost certainly would have ended up in a war with them. Remember how the Russian government told their citizens to come back home ASAP right before the election? It didn’t get much play in the media, but it was freaky if you were paying attention. My guess (and it’s purely a guess) was that they were preparing for something awful, just in case Hillary Clinton won the White House. Thankfully, she didn’t.

Here’s an important question: Do you want war with Russia? I don’t want war with Russia. Russia clearly saw Hillary Clinton as a threat and they didn’t want her in charge.

Or, to put it another way –

It’s as simple as that.

Russia might not be our bestest-best buds. That doesn’t mean that we want to go to war with them. And, clearly, they don’t want to go to war with us. But if our government does anything that they take as an aggression, they will do it.

Thankfully, the people who would have done it were sent packing by the American electorate. Just one more reason to be grateful that Hillary Clinton isn’t anywhere NEAR the Oval Office right now.


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