Tolerant Left Targets Kellyanne Conway: ‘Sleezy, Trashy, Slutty Looking B*tch’

Tolerant Left Targets Kellyanne Conway: ‘Sleezy, Trashy, Slutty Looking B*tch’

The left is incredibly tolerant, as long as you think what they want you to think and say what they want you to say. No free-thinking allowed. They especially can’t have minorities or women coming off the thought plantation. There’s NO ROOM for that kind of nonsense. Stick to their script or else. Or else what, you ask? Behold.

Kellyanne Conway attended a “Heroes and Villains” party on Long Island over the weekend and tweeted out this picture.

She deserves to celebrate. She’s the first woman to successfully lead a presidential campaign to victory. She shattered that glass ceiling. But you see, the left doesn’t actually care about women shattering glass ceilings. When women don’t parrot the desired narrative, the so-called party of tolerance reveals its true colors.

Warning: These are NASTY.

So if I’m understanding this correctly, if you disagree with someone politically, it’s appropriate to call them a hooker? Because standing on the other side of the aisle is synonymous with having sex with multiple men and getting paid for it? Bear with me. I’m just trying to follow the logic here.

Interestingly enough, I’ve received emails with some of these exact insults. (I’m sure the other Chicks have as well.) Just goes to show. Liberals truly lack creativity.

Wait– liberals are the self-proclaimed champions of the LGBT community. Why are they using transvestites as an insult? I’m confused.

Right? Obviously, Kellyanne isn’t a REAL woman, like the “potty-mouthed Neuroscientist with zero tolerance for racism, misogyny, homophobia, religious intolerance, ignorance, fake news, & #NotMyPresident,” Saucy Stacey. (If she sounds like an empty-headed insufferable hag, it’s because she is.)

Ah yes. Spoken like a true feminist. That’s what tolerance looks like.


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