Senate Democrats Regret Changing The Rules About Majority Votes Now That Trump Is President

Senate Democrats Regret Changing The Rules About Majority Votes Now That Trump Is President

We kept telling Democrats – don’t make rules that you wouldn’t want your opponents taking advantage of. But they were a bunch of cocky, egotisitical blowhards who believed their own press when the press said the Republicans would never be in power again, and they thought they could do whatever they wanted.

Reason #725,302 Why Trump Won(tm).

According to this, Democrats in the Senate are saying they “regret” changing rules in the Senate that made things easier for them to push through Barack Obama’s agenda. The rule that they’re specifically regretting now is the 2013 change in the so-called “nuclear option,” that now states they only need a 51 vote majority in the Senate to approve the president’s Cabinet-level appointees and judicial nominations, rather than 60 votes, as it was before. At the time, this was done so the Dems could take more power away from the minority party, who might have otherwise filibustered Obama’s appointees and nominations.

But with the Republicans now poised to take 52 seats in the Senate, Democrats are thinking “Wait – we actually WANT that!”

“I do regret that,” said Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware, a Democrat who voted for the rules change three years ago. “I frankly think many of us will regret that in this Congress because it would have been a terrific speed bump, potential emergency break, to have in our system to slow down nominees.”


Some Democrats realize they’ve made life harder for themselves.
“In specific circumstances, we may regret that we can’t block a nomination,” said Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut. “But I think that the American people want action, and they want the process to work. And they want the folks whom they have elected to actually do the job and get stuff done.”
One person who seems to be having buyer’s remorse over the change in filibuster rules: Sen. Chuck Schumer, the incoming Democratic leader. Schumer told The Washington Post last month that he privately lobbied Senate Democrats in 2013 to maintain the 60-vote threshold for Cabinet-level nominees, but: “I didn’t prevail.”

Oh, NOW it’s a “terrific speed bump,” is it? Amazing how something that was obstructionist and wrong (and racist, of course) a mere three years ago is suddenly a sacrosanct part of the law that should never, ever, ever, ever, EVER be touched!

Here’s what the left is learning the hard way now (and why we all screamed bloody murder when Obama circumvented his Constitutional powers with his almighty pen and phone) – our system of government is set up precisely to keep any one person or even any one party from getting too much power. You might have heard of the phrase “checks and balances.” Senate Democrats decided to torpedo some of those checks, just to give their boy Barack a few special perks.

But now that the shoe is on the other foot and someone is president that they absolutely despise, expect Democrats to sudden become lovers and respecters of the Constitution again.

My stance on the Constitution hasn’t changed – I don’t care who is in the White House or which party has majorities in the Legislative Branch. NO ONE should have more power than what the Constitution grants them. Period. End of discussion.

As we go forward and the Democrats howl about Donald Trump and the Republicans taking advantage of rules that the Democrats changed because they were too power-hungry to follow the Constitution when they were in charge, I have no problem in reminding them of their own screw-ups that caused their political misery and endless woe.

(Doesn’t mean I’m going to give Trump and the Republicans a pass, should they make the same mistakes the Democrats did. But it is hilarious to see the Democrats freaking out after spending eight years shooting themselves in the foot.)

Get ready for an entertaining four years, folks (at the very least).


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