A Quick Refresher In American Civics: Electoral College Edition

I think we need a quick little refresher course on the Electoral College, because I’m tired of all the dumb crap going around on Facebook about how Trump didn’t actually win.

I’m sure you’re tired of it too, which is why I’d like to provide you with this handy tool. Next time you see a lib LOSING THEIR MIND about how Trump didn’t win, or how the Electoral College is a demonic conservative contraption that must be repealed, show them this!

Seriously, post it on their Facebook, email it to them, burn it on a DVD and play it on loop in the lobby of your office. ANYTHING TO GET THE WHINING TO STOP.

In fact, I’d also recommend refreshing yourself on the topic, because chances are you’ll need to school someone soon, and it’s good to have some talking points ready.

It doesn’t get more cut and dry than that. Thank you, PragerU, for refreshing us on that American Civics course that half our country apparently failed.

And here’s the thing… many of us at one point or another, have shaken our fist at the infamous Electoral College, because no one likes to lose. But like it or not, this is how it works. (You should know how it works before you decide if you like it, obviously)

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