The Amazing Reason The Supreme Court Is Hearing The Transgender Case

The Amazing Reason The Supreme Court Is Hearing The Transgender Case

I didn’t know the backstory to all of this nonsense, until I heard our friend and co-worker here at 93WIBC, Greg Garrison, talking with the legal editor of Breitbart News about it.

BEHOLD: the inside scoop about how this all went down, courtesy of Ken Klukowski and Greg Garrison.  It all starts around the 3.30 minute mark.

According to Klukowski’s article, the transgender person who managed to get this case all the way up to the Supreme Court believes, as so many in the trans community do, that government should force states, companies, and in fact individual people to readily accept, with no hesitation, whenever someone says they identify as a man, woman, or other.  If you were born a woman but feel like a man, you get to use the men’s room.  If you were born a man but feel like a woman, you get to use the women’s room. If you’re gender fluid, and you feel like a woman today, but then you feel like a man tomorrow, you should get to pee and change clothing in whichever bathroom/locker room you want.

This is the case that the Supreme Court is going to decide. And the reason they’re going to decide it is because some lowly Obama administration dude by the name of James Ferg-Cadima, whose official title (and I’m not making this up) is Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Education, sent a private letter to the student (pictured above) who was fighting with his/her school about which bathroom he/she should get to use.  In that letter, James agreed with the student, and said that Title IX of federal law requires schools to let people use whichever facilities they identify with.

When the federal district court sided with the SCHOOL, a 3-judge panel on the US Court of Appeals in the 4th circuit (two liberals, one conservative) decided to reverse the lower court decision BASED ON THAT STUPID LETTER from the Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, saying that it served as an “authoritative declaration of law.”

That’s why this has gone to the Supreme Court, y’all.  Because of this stupid letter.

And it’s just one more reason you need to vote for Donald Trump.  Because it’ll be either him or Hillary who will choose the 9th justice, who could very well be the tiebreaking vote on this entire absurd issue.



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