You Are COMPLETELY Free To Express Political Views In America! Except… When You’re Not.

I ADORE this video! It explains the left’s culture of intimidation and censorship so well. And, seeing as PragerU’s videos on YouTube have been censored for violated still-unnamed policies, it couldn’t come at a more relevant time (probably by design – let’s be honest).

If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s great. And depressing. But hopeful at the same time. Take a look –

Have you experienced anything like this? I know that I’ve been hesitant to express my political views on my personal social media pages, mostly because I do have friends who have liberal politics and I just don’t want to get into a fight with them. I’m not friends with them because of politics – we have other things in common that are much more enjoyable to talk about.

But still – it rankles me that I don’t share my conservative views on Facebook, while they freely share their liberal views – some of which I know aren’t correct. And in this contentious election season, even with some people that I would normally agree with, I find myself wanting to yell at for being so dumb. But I don’t.

I may post my opinions here on the COTR site with snark and humor (and I have made the arguments in posts here that I wanted desperately to post on my own Facebook wall but didn’t), but when I’m talking directly to people I know (even over social media), it’s intimidating for me to do it. And that’s my problem. I have to deal with it. But I’m curious if there are others who feel the same way. To be fair – it might not be the same sort of thing that the video is talking about. But that’s what I thought of.



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