Sen. Claire McCaskill Says That Separation Of Powers Idea Was ‘Maniacal’

Sen. Claire McCaskill Says That Separation Of Powers Idea Was ‘Maniacal’

And she would know “maniacal,” wouldn’t she? I mean, she’s supporting Hillary Clinton.

Watch as Senator Claire McCaskill gibbers about pesky things like the separation of powers and how stupid the Founders were for putting that in the Constitution and how she and all her progressive buddies as SO MUCH SMARTER than a group of guys who pretty much invented an entire system of government from scratch.

Yeah – what a bunch of maniacal noodleheads.

Oh geez – Blinky… open a freaking history book. The Founders put in the separation of powers because they didn’t want one branch of government to get too much power over another, and then get more power over the people. They’re supposed to keep each other in balance.¬†And they’re not talking about political parties – those came much later and there is NOTHING about parties in the Constitution (in general, the Founders were actually wary of political parties). Separating the Executive Branch from the Legislative and the Judicial (and vice versa) has NOTHING to do with the divisive and hateful rhetoric in politics today.

(And we despair when regular Americans get facts about how government wrong. This is a FREAKING SENATOR who can’t get her information correct.)

Leave it to a Democrat to turn a question about unity and coming together into an answer about “WAAAAH – TRUMP IS DIVISIVE! RACE! WOMEN! RELIGION! PANIC!” As if the Democrats haven’t been dividing Americans by race, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. for freaking DECADES.

So there you go. A United States senator thinks our system of government is dividing us against each other. Not the negative rhetoric or disdainful attitudes or pandering to one census-box group over another.

And elected officials wonder why we don’t trust them very much.


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