I Think I’ve Found The Most Miserable Person On Twitter, Y’all.

After work on Friday evening, I had the following exchange on Twitter.  It escalated really quickly:

2016-05-13 19 58 49

I can never figure out people like this.  What compels a person to report to a show host that they turned off their show?  Like – did he think I was going to beg him to listen to us again?  Did he think I was going to change the program in some way because of his comment?  What makes random strangers on the internet do this?

At that point, since  he made it evident that he’s totally unhinged, I responded as follows:

2016-05-13 20 03 00

Yeah.  I went there.  I figured calling him “loser” was pretty tame after he threw down the c-word.  And then he posted these:

2016-05-13 19 55 01

2016-05-13 21 35 36


Anyway, I took a peek at his feed to see if he has a history of crazy, and yeah, the guy is just a completely miserable person.  Just constantly antagonizing and complaining about people blocking him. (I have a general theory about why that’s happening, and it should be obvious to anyone with an Actual Brain.  Exhibit A: the exchange above.)  Incidentally, when he’s not busying himself retweeting Donald Trump, he tweets vile things to our Governor too, so I suppose we’re in good company.

Look – you’re free to dislike us, to dislike the Governor, and to dislike your sad, miserable life.  But there’s no reason to be an antagonistic blowhard.  That’s just no way to live.

If you are the praying sort, pray for HCPatriot to have some fulfillment in his life.  He obviously is in desperate need of some.


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