Here’s What An Obamabot Looks Like. Never A Dull Moment On Our FB Wall!

I never cease to be amused at the liberal weirdos who show up on our Facebook page with no purpose except to provoke and troll and otherwise be total losers.

Case in point.  Cheri Monroe = classic Obamabot.  He’s in her profile photo and everything!  She got miffed at this meme we posted:

2016-05-12 19 40 39

If you ask me, it’s a pretty tame little picture, but Cheri basically lost her mind about it.  BEHOLD.

2016-05-12 09 52 07

2016-05-12 09 52 25

2016-05-12 09 52 49

2016-05-12 09 53 09

And that’s when I banned her.  Clever and competent reader Julie then alerted us to check out Cheri’s latest status update.  BEHOLD:

2016-05-12 09 53 27

Yes.  Because it’s tough to match wits with someone who calls everyone idiots and then gets upset about name calling.  It’s tough to debate facts with someone who doesn’t provide any.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised that this is what people who still worship at the altar of Obama sound like.


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