We Have To Talk About Trump Mocking A Disabled Reporter

We Have To Talk About Trump Mocking A Disabled Reporter

All right, you guys. We have to talk about this.

I spent my short holiday break unplugged from politics. I was drained. I just wanted to focus on laughing and eating my bodyweight in pie. (Btw, I think my family broke a record. We had over 12 pies. So I’m actually jogging in place as I’m writing this. Not actually, but I really should be.)

While I was unplugged, my mom asked me if I heard about Trump mocking disabled New York Times reporter, Serge Kovaleski. She was seething, and as the full time caregiver for my disabled sister, I can understand why. I brushed it off and told her I’d watch the video later.

Here it is, in case you missed it.

I don’t know much about the reporter, but I DO know that mocking someone’s disability is classless. Crass. Distasteful. That’s the nicest way I can put it. I’m trying to be objective and aware of my own personal bias, because I know that I’m probably WAY more sensitive to this kind of stuff (having a sister with a disability) than the average person. And yes. I’m an equal opportunity mocker, but dude. Mocking a person’s disability? Low. Low freaking blow.

On the other hand, Trump’s mean to anyone and everyone who crosses him. He made fun of Carly Fiorina’s face. He made weird comments about Megan Kelly and blood. It just comes with the territory. That’s Trump. I don’t think he hates disabled people, just as I don’t believe he hates women. He’s mean to anyone who crosses him. It doesn’t make it right, but it is what it is.

Trump claims he doesn’t even know this guy and believes the entire situation has been blown up by MSM for no apparent reason.

He also released this statement:

Keep in mind, Kovaleski said he and Trump were “on a first-name basis for years.”

“I’ve interviewed him in his office,” Kovaleski said. “I’ve talked to him at press conferences. All in all, I would say around a dozen times, I’ve interacted with him as a reporter while I was at The Daily News.”

At the end of the day, I don’t think this will destroy Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if his poll numbers go up again. It’s sad, because that’s how fed up people are with the media and establishment. They’re literally SO sick of their crap that they continue to give Trump free passes for lacking basic human decency.

What do you think, clever and competent readers? Was Trump intentionally mocking this guy, or was it just a passive thing that didn’t really mean anything? Further more, is he lying about this entire thing, or is he esuffering from a total memory lapse?



  • Janelle L. Zabel

    First I will not accept Donald’s excuses for what he said. I think he knew exactly what he was doing just like he did with Carly. Making excuses after the fact makes you look like a politician. Second it wasn’t out of the blue that the media brought this up. Donald was doubling down on the claims that muslim’s in New Jersey were celebrating the collapse of the twin towers. CNN is still insisting that those claims have been “debunked” even though multiple sources are now confirming the allegations. Liberal media wanted to distract you form the obvious lie they were trying to represent as truth.

  • Sublimation

    He wasn’t mocking the reporter’s disability, he was mocking the reporter’s intelligence. He often makes those gestures while mocking people’s intelligence.

    What people are fed up with is how people get offended by every little slight and demand some sort of epic prostration and apology from everyone else. To me it smacks of God complex, the thinking that they’re so much more significant in the universe that others must bow before them in appeasement lest they face their wrath.

    • Johanna Eldridge

      okay, Sublime, maybe this is Trump’s regular shtick- do you have more video of these same antics mocking someone else? That would really make the case for this line of argument.

      • Sublimation

        Yeah sure, here’s a video where it shows he wasn’t mimicking the reporter at all because the reporter doesn’t look anything like what Trump was gesturing: https://youtu.be/baUuXQ443fA

        Also, here’s a good video breakdown of trump insulting a lot of other people, judge for yourself if his hand gestures play a significant part of it. https://youtu.be/_wWnBdM8OpE

  • Derrick Roney

    I think he was channeling Damon Wayans’ Handi-Man from In Living Color. Society has created “rules” about who and what can be “mocked” and Trump is shattering ALL of them. Some say you can’t make your own judgement about who qualifies as a hero. Some say you can’t criticize a president because he’s black. You can’t even impeach him even if he needs to be impeached. Are we all to be treated equally or not? If you are a liberal reporter, then I don’t care if you are a woman, an African American, gay, or any other “protected” individual. If you are a grown up and in the public eye, you have to BE a grown up and able to handle what comes at you. And guess what, some of it will be personal. The first amendment protects the vile speech that we’re all complaining about. And we can now say vile things about Mr. Trump. Welcome to America. People with disabilities don’t want your pity. They don’t want your protection from mean people. Most don’t. they want equal treatment. This PC garbage that Trump supporters are sick of is counter-productive.

  • Sholly

    It would bother me more if I thought that CNN’s concern was genuine, and not just a case of grasping at anything they can find to take him down. I still don’t want Trump as the nominee, partly because of behavior like this, but come on, CNN. We know what you’re up to.

    By the way, your date stamp is incorrect.

  • heynorm48

    Donald Trump is not saint. There are a few noble human beings running for office but too many connive, cheat and lie to voters all the time. The mainstream media paid NO attention to Obama’s declaration to fundamentally transform this country. He told us what he was going to do and he’s doing it with impunity!!
    Instead of worrying so much about the Republican candidates, worry about the current administration. Get informed and quit listening to the political click bait noise.These headlines about Trump’s latest gaffe is a distraction from what they are doing.

  • Reggi

    This kind of stuff is not helping him and it’s unnecessary. Most people are not going to post a response here because Trump supporters become rabid and abusive if he’s criticized at all. However, come primary time the primary voters’ response will be known one way or the other when it will be too late to fix the damage.

    • Wild_Bird

      The megalomaniac Trump could be exposed as a child molester but many of his supporters would still blindly support him. There is a cult of personality about the man that is reminiscent of Obama in 2008.

  • IndigoRed

    Serge Kovaleski has Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita, an abnormality that, when I was born with it 61 years ago, afflicted 1 of 10,000 births. Today, it affects 1 of 3000 births. AMC is little understood, but it manifests in degrees difficult to see to almost total paralysis. In this country of approximately 319 million people, 1 of 3000 with AMC is a lot of people and potential voters.

    I don’t think Trump’s presidential chances will be harmed in any way. Much of his support comes from the same place that Obama’s support came from – unquestioning adoration of a candidate saying all the things followers want to hear. They hear brash, I hear crass. They hear truth, I hear rude. They see strength, I see bully. Trump may see the world as a playground. I see Trump as a crass, rude, playground bully – the same bully that pushed me around on the playground whom everyone loved, feared, and allowed to go free while I was put in a safe place.

    But, that’s America. Trump will go on as if nothing wrong had occurred. People will follow him as if he can do no wrong. He will upset more apple carts. In the end, when the choice comes down to Clinton or Trump, I will cast my vote for the crass, rude, playground bully because that is what the world needs to fight all the other crass, rude, playground bullies. Smart diplomacy doesn’t work with such people.

    • Mockarena

      You are exactly 100% right.

      Like I always say, the guy could literally kick puppies, and his followers would find a way to excuse it.

      • Lone Patriot

        You “Chicks on the Right” are too sensitive and just look for excuses to bash Donald Trump. BTW. I’m going to “kick your puppy ass” off my computer. I’m done with you spineless Chicks and you’re cheesy website. Grow a pair.

        • Mockarena

          I’ll be sure to pencil in some time on my calendar this week to grieve over your absence.

          • Cajun Exile

            Mock. I told him that yout would not be very keen on his suggestion as you already have a pair…and they are “verry nice-ah”…

            I am preparing the catapult now…


        • RelativeChaos00

          How many times do you need to say that before you actually do it? Go on, grow a pair and leave.

        • Peter Gibson

          Second time you’ve said that Bruv. Are you having a hard time finding the door or something?

        • Reggi

          Buh bye.

        • Cajun Exile

          You want Mock to grow a pair? Mock already has a fabulous pair of “chesticles” as she is very well endowed in that area.

          Now if you are suggesting she grow a pair of testicles, I think it would be confirmation that you are on the wrong website.

      • Theresa Easley

        Lol…they sound just like the Obama followers.

    • Wild_Bird

      Trump has been surrounded by sycophants for so long that whenever anyone even mildly criticizes him, he blows a gasket and gets in the gutter and attacks them in the most vile personal way.
      I think the man is sick. Sick in the head.
      He’s the best thing the Democrats have going for them.

  • Donald Lane

    I’ll be perfectly honest I don’t care that he made fun of someone. He used words he didn’t punch the man, he didn’t push someone out of a wheelchair. People are to sensitive. When I was growing up my mother taught me sticks and stones.she was correct people that teased me had no bearing on my life other than a few moments of discomfort and embarrassment. In the scheme of life they did not matter their words don’t matter. Trump is a good businessman and a country 18 trillion on debt we need that. After obama’s fiasco of an immigration policy Trump is the only one willing to do anything other than some form of amnesty. The way I see it we have 3 choices in 2016. Failed politicians promising everything delivering nothing, couple of socialist or Trump. I will take my chances with Trump.

  • Resa Forseth Wagner-Pittman

    Donald, Donald, Donald…..

  • hook59

    Well, you wanted to discuss this, so here goes. First off, let me say, mocking the disabled, as is the charge here, is seriously demented and should not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. That being said, I tend to believe that the media has focused in on camera still shots – the Donald caught in mid gesture and the label placed… Well, in order to get my facts straight, I watched a few different Trump speeches, and you know what? The guy talks with his hands quite a bit. In the speech below, you could stop the video at many points – mid gesture – and interpret it as meaning the same thing. Some people tend to talk with their hands like this. And Trump, being entertainment oriented, he has that personna that gives you plenty to look at in terms of hand and facial gesticulations as opposed to being a dead-pan personality. So personally, I don’t know. I’d like to know all the facts first such as does he really know this reporter or not? I could see a reporter folding under pressure like that as well…do I have to remind us all of Brian Williams? The unfortunate reality of all of this is that we don’t really have a line-up of real winners to choose from in the next election. Watch some Trump videos for yourself and decide. Don’t take anybodies word on it but your own.

  • GeniusInExile

    I don’t know if Trump was really mocking the guy’s disability or not, but Trump is likely to get a bump in the polls because of all the uproar. The mainstream press has devoted a lot of resources into demagoguing Trump, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, et al. Most thinking Americans have seen the media’s character assassination attempts for what they are. Like the little boy who cried wolf, the media has done this so much that even a legitimate story (if this is one) is doubted almost immediately. The media has only itself to blame for this situation. They pissed away their credibility and it is going to take a long time for them to get it back.

  • Josh Dell’Aria

    I can’t really tell if Trump was mocking anyone’s disability from watching that video. Heck, I can’t even tell that Trump was mocking the person CNN referenced. What I can tell is that Crap News Network is full of crap about the “debunked” claim that Muslims were celebrating 9/11. So there you go.

  • Lone Patriot

    You Establishment RINO “Chicks on the Right” are too sensitive and just look for excuses to bash Donald Trump. BTW. I’m done with you spineless Chicks and you’re cheesy website. Grow a pair.

    • Ken Swanson

      Oooooo you disagree so you must make a grand exit speech before you pop your pacifier in your mouth then pick up your jacks an stomp off home. Please go join the Democrats thus raising the IQ of both parties.

    • AmethystTear

      Wow, for someone who is supposedly a Republican you whine the way people like you say Liberals do. Of course, since you are a Trump fan so no big surprise there.

    • Wild_Bird

      You can claim all you want that anyone who doesn’t support the bombastic, blowhard thin-skinned megalomaniac fake conservative Trump is an “Establishment RINO”, but you’re wrong.

      Your boy Trump continues to praise Single Payer healthcare in other countries. On a number of issues Trump is to the left of GOP establishment darling Jeb Bush.

      Actually, I support a true small government constitutional conservative, Ted Cruz, who the RINO Establishment hates.

  • M4Defense

    Sorry, I didn’t hear him say anything about the man’s disability. If you are referring to his body movements, that would be an a stretch of someone’s imagination. Keep trying CNN. Someday you may get one right.

    • I don’t know..the reporter did say they had met and he had interviewed him in his office. I do have a tough time with Trump and his rude behavior.

      • Debbie

        And I’m sure they did meet. But, think–how many people do you think Trump has met??!! He’s a very successful businessman; I’m sure he’s met many more influential and important people than this reporter.

        • You are probably right, but I still have a difficult time with his rudeness. You can make a point and be clear about your stance on an issue without being rude. There are other candidates who can do so, and their arguments make more sense. I like the non-politically correct candidates who can make their argument without name calling and being rude. I don’t think his personality would be a positive thing for the Presidency.

  • Ken Swanson

    While I despise Trump I must admit I don’t see the offense in this instance. The spastic body language was his typical over the top indication that whoever his approbation is targeted at is unable to control themselves whether out of fear or panic is unclear. I, however, saw no direct attack on a disabled person but more like an attack on their statement.

  • Gwen Siert Wrich

    Well…it sure helped the reporter deflect the original story about his…ahem reporting. As the parent of a child with a disability, severe and profound in my daughter’s case, I of course stand up for her and naturally am sensitive to insensitive or ignorant remarks. We parents who fight for their children usually have grown more than a pair as the saying goes. Now, here, we are discussing a generally healthy, –because we are fully employed (by the NYT), an adult who was wrong in his reporting and was busted verbally for it. He is not a helpless frail individual. He isn’t a hero. He is a reporter. Mr. Trump is rude, no argument from me, but how many times have we witnessed other politicians take on a fake accent, use gestures to describe another person, or posture in some way to make a point. Aren’t we in a sense diminishing Mr. Kovaleski’s ability to fight his own battles, which involve his profession, ie–prove his rightness versus deflect and pull the disability card? ….still pondering.

  • expatico

    I believe Trump’s take on it. It was all about a liberal NYT reporter getting deflated and Trump’s mannerisms having an unfortunate parallel. Trump needs to take care in the future that he does not supply his opponents with rope to hang him – cause they are looking for any opening they can find. Unfortunate but not fatal, by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Daniel Kwolps

    chicks, i thought ya’ll were anti-offended train conductors

  • Reggi

    Large crowds at campaign rallies are nice but they don’t necessarily translate into a nomination. Many, many enthustiac Trump supporters will not bother to vote in the primaries, which is where the nominee is chosen. A lot of serious voters who never attended a Trump rally will get out and vote in the primaries and may be turned off by this sophomoric behavior and may go with what they feel is a safer choice such as Cruz or even Rubio. If he goes third party, Hillary or Bernie will be the next president.

  • AmethystTear

    I’ve actually decided I am going to stop talking bad about Trump and show him compassion. Same with his fans. Downing Trump really does no good as his fans are going to stay his fans and those who aren’t can’t let it get us down. So I honestly hope Trump can find what actually makes him happy and peace with where he is at in the world.

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