We’ve Got New Folks To Add To Our Wall Of Shame!

We’ve Got New Folks To Add To Our Wall Of Shame!

Our facebook wall has been absolutely INFESTED with trolls lately.  That happens whenever we grow and/or reach a traffic milestone (we recently welcomed our 760,000th follower!)  And I know there are lots of you who enjoy Wall of Shame additions, so here are just a few. (If you've never read previous posts on the Wall of Shame, be sure to click that link and catch up – because it's chock full of hilarity.)

That's just a partial screengrab, by the way.  That full conversation can be found right here.

Then there was Lynn.

Again, that's just a fraction of the comments attached to that post.  You can read the rest right here.

Here's another.  And you guys, this has just been the tip of the iceberg over the past week.  Our wall has been COMPLETELY CRAY.

More of that thread is right here.

There was another dude who popped onto our facebook wall to say, "This page is sad."  I am always so amused by people who say stuff like that.  Like – do they think we'll read that and go, "OMG HE IS RIGHT WE HAVE TO CHANGE EVERYTHING ABOUT OUR SITE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE OF A RANDOM INTERNET STRANGER!"???

FYI – in case you're a troll thinking about posting stupid crap on our facebook wall –  Nothing you say matters.  Your comments serve no purpose except to draw attention to how stupid you are.  Save yourself the humiliation and just post stuff on HuffPo or Daily Kos or something.  You're not going to change us, change the way we think, change the way we operate, etc.  And you sure as hell aren't going to silence us.

So please, for your sake and everyone else's.  Just….don't.


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