Another Day In The Life Of The Chicks’ Inbox. (Warning: Language)

Another Day In The Life Of The Chicks’ Inbox.  (Warning: Language)

I had the most hilarious email exchange yesterday, and it's worth sharing for a couple reasons.  First, it just gives you a glimpse into the kind of attacks we face on a daily basis, and second, it's pretty much the entire reason that we wrote Chapters 5 and 7 in Right For A Reason (available here!)

Just watch how this doctor (she points that out right away) devolves into a raging lunatic when she's given a taste of her own medicine (by the way, this email is, I believe, in response to this post I wrote about the school in Arizona that uses Redskins as their team name)

Again, if you're sensitive to super nasty language, stop reading right now.


The good doctor didn't like that one single bit, and she went off, in three consecutive messages, all rapid-fire like. 

HA!  She said it's about respect, then immediately called me a cracker, told me to do unconscionable things to my own body, and then told me I'm racist.  Hilarious! Notice the "It's about shutting you stupid fuckers up" line?  Typical liberal – no interest in the First Amendment, but TOTALLY wound up about a football team name. 

So I responded:

And she decided to send me some of her propaganda:

So I pressed:

And I pressed harder after not hearing back for a few minutes:

And then she responded with another tirade:


Um, what in the holy hell?  This chick CONTACTED ME, and then told me not to email her again?  Seriously?  Plus, I don't know about you all, but those sounded like threats to me.  Which is why I asked this:

And her response was this:

See that?  She DEMANDED I not email her, after she engaged me in an email exchange.  I found that hilarious, but I was happy to oblige.  After all, the documentation here is pretty clear.  She gave permission to share this exchange, and then threatened me with "any and all action" she would take against me. For all I know, that "action" could be violent.

This is why we are closely connected to law enforcement, y'all.  THIS kind of batcrap crazy.

But then, as I expected, she was absolutely unwilling to stand by her own words. Look at the message she sent a short time later:

So I've made sure that our law enforcement friends got a copy of this, along with her email address, because as you know full well about us Chicks if you've followed us for awhile, we don't take this kind of crap from people.  They're always amazed that we fight back, but we do not take this crap. And the last time a dude threatened to sic a lawyer on us, that lawyer ended up writing us to APOLOGIZE FOR HIS CLIENT'S BEHAVIOR.  I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens here.  I mean, the chick is WACK.

By the way, this chick is a retired clinical psychologist and author.  FOR REAL. If she had any sense, she'd allow us to publish her name so she'd at least get some publicity for her book.  (Hopefully, she's got a good editor, because holy mother of typos.)

Meantime, I think she ought to prescribe herself something asap, because she's got major anger issues. 

If you still haven't picked up a copy of Right For A Reason, let this post inspire you.  Because there's nothing that makes liberals more angry than when our voices get heard far and wide.  Native American clinical psychologist author chick can say she wants to shut us up all she wants, but as we say in our book, "When you're being silenced, speak louder.  Turn it up to eleven." 


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