New Report Shows Planned Parenthood’s More Concerned With Being Embarrassed Than Actually Helping Women

New Report Shows Planned Parenthood’s More Concerned With Being Embarrassed Than Actually Helping Women

Poisonous toadstools don’t change their spots.

The pro-life group Live Action has been super-busy lately. They’ve been exposing Planned Parenthood’s lies and deceit by releasing video after video after video showing that they don’t provide prenatal care, they don’t use ultrasounds for anything other than abortion, and that Planned Parenthood workers were pressured to get more and women to have abortions.

It only gets worse when Planned Parenthood’s involved.

According to this, Live Action conducted an undercover investigation back in 2011 where they sent someone to pose as a pimp looking for birth control and abortion services for his underage sex slaves. Rather than call the police or even refuse to help, Planned Parenthood employees generously gave the “pimp” advice and offer to help in any way they can.

Here’s the video from 2011 –

The videos came out at the time and Planned Parenthood was sufficiently embarrassed enough that they (A) Fired the manager at that clinic and (B) Promised to retrain their employees and instruct them to – you know – NOT enable sex trafficking of underage girls.

Fast-forward to now. Live Action followed-up on their investigation and – WONDER OF WONDERS – nothing much has changed. In fact, they found out that the “training” that Planned Parenthood promised to require of their employees was more along the lines of recognizing when they were being filmed with a hidden camera.

Basically, their training boiled down to “Don’t get caught and don’t embarrass us” –

Yet instead of training its employees to spot and report trafficking, according to Live Action’s report, Planned Parenthood trained employees how to identify undercover journalists and discern whether or not they were being recorded.

So… if a pimp (or someone claiming to be a pimp) walked into a Planned Parenthood looking for services for underage sex workers, the clinic employees’ first priority would be, not to call the police and report sex crimes against women, but to check the pimp for recording equipment and only kick them out if they find it.

Like I’ve said before – just when I think Planned Parenthood can sink no lower, they go and prove me wrong. It’s all about their reputation and bottom line, nothing else. And I have to ask: When does this FINALLY become too much? Or is it just that Planned Parenthood has too many powerful friends and nothing that exposes their disgusting operation makes any difference (good grief – they were CAUGHT selling parts of unborn babies! What else worse can you do and not even get dinged for it?)

Why are they getting federal money, again?


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