Homeless Woman Protecting Trump Star is Attacked By Liberal Mob

Homeless Woman Protecting Trump Star is Attacked By Liberal Mob

Physical assaults against Trump supporters continue, the main stream media continues to ignore it.

Earlier this week, a homeless woman set up camp at Donald Trump’s recently vandalized Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

The unnamed African American woman has vigilantly guarded the star to “prevent further damage” while holding up signs condemning Hillary Clinton and supporting Donald Trump.

“I’m gonna stay here and watch this, and make sure nobody touches it.”

Recent footage has been released of her being violently attacked by a mob of Hillary supporters:

Warning: This video includes very explicit language.

The mob shoves her while ripping up her signs and calling her all sorts of obscenities. I’ve always found it interesting how liberals are all about respect for women unless that woman happens to disagree with them. Then it’s open season.

As the crowd begins attacking her, one man yells out that she is mentally ill, in order to try and stop them. This of course has no effect on the angry liberals. The woman eventually falls to the ground and remains motionless, however a suggestion of calling an ambulance is met with mockery.

Meanwhile Hillary and her main stream media pawn spout on about Trump’s “hateful” and “violent” basket of deplorables.

Mrs. Clinton, if Trump supporters are “deplorable,” what exactly do you call yours? I can think of a few choice words.


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