Grown Man Pervs On Girls In Changing Room Because ‘He’s Allowed To Be There’

Grown Man Pervs On Girls In Changing Room Because ‘He’s Allowed To Be There’

Tell us again how letting men into women’s restrooms and changing rooms is a good idea, because – FEEEEEELINGS.

According to this, a grown man walked into a women’s changing room at a public swimming pool in Seattle where a girls’ swim team was changing. Their mothers and other women in the locker room asked the man to leave, but he refused, saying that he was allowed to be there. He didn’t claim to be a trans-woman or anything like that. He just sat there and watched the women change – though eventually he did finally leave.

What’s worse is that the pool staff didn’t call police. Staffers even said that they didn’t want to get the authorities involved. If the guy turned out to be transgender, that would have caused all kinds of PR headaches. But if he was indeed “just” a sick pervert snooping on women and girls – well, the pool staff thought they could handle it without getting police involved.

EXCUSE ME? That is the EXACT time that you need to get the police involved! At worst, there is a nasty creeper in Seattle who has no qualms about going into women’s locker rooms and watching underage girls getting dressed. And you let him get away.

And transgender activists freak out when someone raises concerns about men being allowed into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. We’re called “insensitive bigots” and “transphobic” and all kinds of names because we live in Reality Town and know that there are disgusting perverts who would use these warm-and-fuzzy laws meant to help transgender people and turn them around for their own sick ends.

According to the sourcelink, the story only got out because someone called the local radio station and told them about it. When interviewed, one of the staff members at the pool said this –

“We want everyone to feel comfortable at our facilities.”

Clearly, that doesn’t apply to non-transgender girls and women who feel uncomfortable when a man is in their locker room ogling them. As far as the social justice brigade is concerned, their feelings and safety don’t count for anything. It’s only the .2% of the population that identifies as transgender that matters. The rest of us can suck it.


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