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Saturday, 11/24/2012 - 10:08 pm EST

UK Couple Has Their Kids Taken Away Because - Get This - They're CONSERVATIVE.

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The "Ukip" is the conservative wing of British politics, in case you didn't know. They advocate "lower taxes, limited government, freer markets, and immigration reform."

Sound familiar?

Well, according to social workers in the "Labour-controlled Rotherham borough, supporting (the Ukip) makes you an unsuitable foster parent."

So open-MINDED of them, huh?

A foster Mom and Dad "received a visit out of the blue from the children's social worker at the Labour-run council (that's the liberal side of the fence, FYI) and an official from their fostering agency. They were told that the local safeguarding children team had received an anonymous tip-off that they were members of Ukip."

An "anonymous tip," everyone.  There was an anonymous tip that these people happened to be conservatives/members of the Ukip party.  The HORROR.

But wait - there's more to piss you off.  Believe me.

The parents are both in their 50s, "the husband is a retired Royal Navy reservist of more than 30 years who currently works with disabled people, and the wife is a qualified nursery nurse."  

They've been foster parents for SEVEN YEARS and have looked after a dozen different kids.  But, you see, they're conservative.  In the UK.  And because the UK is a liberal wasteland of epic sucktastic proportions, these people are now "unsuitable" to parent children, and their one boy and two girls have been taken away from them.


The mother spoke out, and rightly so, saying that the kids were taken away because the Ukip party is known as being raaaaaaaaacist.  Weird thing, though, the mother has mixed races in her family and is completely offended by the insinuation that she's indeed a racist.

Again - sound familiar?

You gotta love the tolerance and compaaaaasion of these heartless. freaking. jackwagons.  

I've written about the founder of the Ukip party before - the post was on Nigel Farage.  Because Farage is a complete badass, and he believes precisely in the things that American conservatives believe.  Go figure.  His response to this complete insanity? Simply put, he called it a "bloody outrage" and "political prejudice of the very worst kind."

And that's actually WAY kinder than how I would've described it, FYI.  You don't just yank people's kids away from them because the parents are CONSERVATIVE.  Honestly.  What in the hell is wrong with these people?

Oh, that's right.  They're liberals, so they know what's best for you.  And you.  And you.  And her.  And him.  And them.  

Wow.  Just wow.

Coming soon to a country near you!

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